Abduhalik UYGUR

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Abduhalik Uyghur (9 February 1901 – 13 March 1933) (Uyghur: ئابدۇخالىق ئۇيغۇر) was a Uyghur poet.

Abudhalik began his studies in a Madrasah at the age of eight. He studied Arabic, Persian, and Uyghur classics. Later on he went to a Chinese school in Turpan and after learning Chinese studied various Chinese literary works, including those of Sun Yat Sen.

After 1923 he spent 3 years in the Soviet Union. Studying the works of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Gorky and other Russian literature.

He wrote the famous nationalist poem Oyghan, which opened with the line "Ey pekir Uyghur, oyghan!" (Hey poor Uyghur, wake up!). He was later executed by the Chinese warlord Sheng Shicai in Turpan at the age of 32, on 13 March 1933 for inciting Uyghur nationalist sentiments through his works.